Explore London: a quick glance at several of its most lively areas

There are numerous different spots in London, and they all have their own distinctive and unique character and vibe. Follow with us we take a more thorough view at a few of the city’s most famous and vibey spots you have to discover eventually.

You will never be short of things to do in Shoreditch. Without any doubt one among best London neighborhoods to discover, Shoreditch is thought of as the hub of London’s East End. The area is the home of an array of interesting markets, bars, eateries and a very well-known street that’s known for being home to all kinds of different and delicious food. In reality, you can discover some fantastic novelty spots, like the famous cereal place owned by Alan and Gary Keery – basically all they serve are various types of cereal. Like a lot of of this special London place, it's just seriously interesting and down-to-earth. This area features prominently on any tourist map of London and has developed progressively prominent recently for being very artistic and cool. This vibrant district is lined with converted warehouses and independent boutiques and you could easily spend a couple of days enjoying all it has to offer.

There are few spots in London that are as iconic as Soho is. The area on its own is one of the leading London attractions around. Possibly thought to be the cultural hub of the city - let's be honest, it's known as the heart of London’s West End – Soho is home to various and incredible restaurants, live shows, bars, clubs and all sorts of interesting places and folks. Just walking along the streets here is exhilarating and the electricity is tangible. An excellent way to enjoy a day in Soho is to maybe watch a highly regarded live stage production, followed by a bite in one among its quality restaurants and then soaking up a bit of remarkable music in a spot such as the well-known jazz club owned by Sally Greene. We guarantee that you will want to come back to Soho over and over again.

One among the really cool places to stay in London or even just travel to for several hours is Camden Town. Commonly referred to as just Camden, the area become genuinely popular in the last decade or so thanks in large part to that very famous husky-voiced British singer with the beehive hair. The area first became a major location during the early development of the railways, which reinforced its position on the London canal network. Camden’s industrial economic base has now mostly been replaced by service markets such as retail, tourism and leisure, and is home to an extremely well-known street and music venues that are strongly related to alternative culture. If you’re heading there to find enjoyment in fantastic music and a little bit of dancing, then a really fantastic area to spend an evening is the club owned by Steve Ball. Not exactly an area to go to if you’re looking for something laid-back and lowkey, but Camden should genuinely be on every visitor’s London bucket list.

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